Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Training ---> Action !

For those who read my first blog entry, this will be showing my progression from the lowly Bronze league up to hopefully Tournament level..

Over the past couple of weeks I have been studying SC mechanics a hell of a lot; i've been watching tonnes of Day9 Dailies, reading up on loads of strats and making sure my metagame is up to scratch.

Roughly 2 weeks ago when I first bought the game, I rushed straight into vs AI, and after managing to just about win on Hard I decided i'd jump into Online play..

Needless to say I got roflstomped.

My macro sucked, my timing sucked, everything about my play sucked.

2 weeks down the line we get to where I am now. Over this 2 week period I decided to not play online, however to simply play vs AI, but to concentrate on single aspects of my game to improve them..

From the simple tasks such as continuous worker production to knowing when to expand I practiced everyday vs AI.

I have just come out of my first ladder match after the 2 week break, and needless to say the training certainly has paid off.

[image loading]

Above is the replay of my first ladder match in 2 weeks.

Please, any further help will be appreciated, no matter how hard you are. I am still in bronze; on the large scale of things, I do still suck, I just need to know exactly where to tighten up, and how you think i'm doing as a complete RTS-tard!

Cheers and I hope you continue reading!

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  1. hey mate , whats your name / code or your email so i can add you :) would be nice to play some games , might be able to help out some