Thursday, 12 August 2010

Into the storm!

After seriously sucking in my 5 placement matches (winning 2 out of 5) I have been placed in the Bronze league - for those of you that don't already know, this is the lowest league...

Before we get started I will let you in on what I play.

I decided upon playing Protoss as the units are awesome, and the builds seem really strong - none of this matters though if you suck at the game like I do!

In my placement matches I only really had one build that I knew (I figure now that perhaps I should have played more, or even all my games in the 50 match Practice league!), the build I attempted to orchestrate game after game was the 4 warpgate push using a proxy pylon - newer players amongst those of you reading may be super confused right now with all that jargon; basically this build incorporates 4 gateways morphed into warpgates once technology has been upgraded from a cybernetics core, and pumping units often to a proxy pylon - a proxy pylon is a solo pylon placed way outside your main base, as close as you can to the enemy base, in order to get units out and attacking as quickly as possible.

Now the reason I lost so much with this build isn't really because it sucks loads - it's pretty much due to my terrible terrible macro / micro abilities and my timing failures.

The above replay is my epic failure to 4 gate push, and in turn I got rushed by 2 standard gateways pumping out early zealots - yay!

For now, I must work work and work some more on my basic macro, micro & timing!

- CurZed

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