Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Beginning

Hello gamers and welcome to my blog!

This blog will be outlining my journey from the ultimate StarCraft 2 "noob", hopefully into the realms of real competitive gaming, and will outline how well I am progressing and through methods I find work best.

Before StarCraft 2 I had never really played Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games; I was more of an FPS and MMORPG player - FPS which I had played very competitively at an early age in my life (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault back in the days!)

Before I purchased SC2 I decided to install my copy of SC: Brood War which I have had sitting in a drawer for about 9 years! Needless to say I sucked at even beating the computer AI!!

This lead me to researching pro gaming in StarCraft, and how pro gamers play, their different styles, as well as generally researching the game and its mechanics. I quickly stumbled upon Liquipedia (http://www.liquipedia.net) - an extremely resourceful website ran by Team Liquid.
The site contains an astonishing amount of information about the first StarCraft - ranging from biographys of famous players, to different build orders for different races and different matchups (confused? we'll come onto that in a later post!)

And so this blog has been created - documenting my personal challenge, from being the complete anti-RTS player who really struggles at multi-tasking different units in a game whilst continuing to produce buildings and expand his base - into what hopefully will be a player who will be recognised within the StarCraft 2 community and who competes in various competitive tournaments!

Wish me luck!

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  1. hey mate , whats your name / code or your email so i can add you :) would be nice to play some games , might be able to help out some