Friday, 13 August 2010

Day[9] TV

I'd just like to dedicate this post to Day[9] and his awesome netcast. As a new player, his videos have become an invaluable source of information to me and I would urge any new player to study and watch them as soon as you have a grasp on the very basics of the game.

You can reach his videos by visiting: (all his videos are hosted here) -
Youtube (new, doesn't contain everything) -
Live Stream -
TeamLiquid Archive -

Also follow him on Twitter @

I seriously can not push the fact of how informative his videos are anymore - as a low level player I have been through all of his lower level play analysis and have been able to observe where I specifically need to work on.

Once your level of play progresses, he regularly analyses replays of the top players in SC2, this allows you to be able to practice imitation, and in turn, progress to potentially a top Diamond level player and possibly even further into a tournament level player.. the possibilities are endless.

So once more, I huge shout and massive thanks to Day[9] for creating such amazingly informative videos. Keep it up!

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