Sunday, 21 November 2010

ESL Bronze/Silver Cup #84!

So I played tonight in the ESL Bronze/Silver Cup, and did surprisingly better than I had expected!

I made it to the Quarter Finals just to be cheesed, which I really should have defeated.. I noobed myself with poor micro defense and decision making.. booo... oh well, next week my goal is the Semis!!

Below you can find all my replays from the tournament::

::: Round 1 :::

::: Round 2 :::

::: Round 3 :::

::: Quarter Final :::


Friday, 19 November 2010

A little update!

So I made the switch back to Zerg, and man does it feel good!! I've won like 10 of my last 13 games and am now facing Platinum players! ^_^

My play is getting stronger and stronger and I now also have a new Protoss practice partner in Heathen; a follower of the blog! Many thanks to you for the help, I hope we can help each others play a lot!

I'm gonna play a tonne this weekend, and depending on what division i'm in on Sunday morning, will be entering the ESL divisional Cup for Sunday evening.

Zerg fighting!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

To Zerg or not to Zerg?

So recently I switched to Terran as I felt the race favoured my playstyle of constant harass; however, I feel like I'm not having as much fun playing with them, especially when I lose...

The thoughts running around my head are telling me I should switch back to Zerg - the beauty of seeing 100 zerglings rush into the enemy base, or 4 overlords carpet bombing the enemy with banelings is something that neither Protoss nor Terran will ever be able to achieve for me..

I have a US and an EU account, so perhaps I will play Terran on my US account (which today I finished placement and got into Gold!! [shows a massive improvement in my play :D]), and I might switch back to Zerg on my EU account... hmmmm...

If anyone wants to practice, although I'm in Silver on EU, I am definitely worthy of being higher; you can add me on Battle.Net:

Both my US and EU account have the same name and ID# which is.... :

SeGi - #192

Please feel free to add me, I could do with all the practice and guidance I can possibly receive in my eternal quest to one day compete in the top tournaments!

Think of me as the new European Hyungjoon ;)

The return & The promotion!

So the past 6 weeks has been soooo busy for me with my final year of University and applying for graduate careers meaning I haven't been able to concentrate fully on my SC'ing.

Nevertheless, I was determined to learn more about StarCraft and have done so simply through watching streamed pro play; GSL, MLG, Go4SC2 etc etc.

I also switched to Terran in the latest patch, largely due to my new found preference in controlling when the first attack will take place, and being able to harass in so many different ways.

So; my journey has been hotting up over the past 3 days; I've been able to play quite a lot and wait for.... have FINALLY been promoted out of Bronze :D

My request to whatever readers I have now - can you observe my replays and let me know how YOU think I'm doing?

This blog is as much about your interactivity as it is watching my progress through the ranks, and obviously any advice aids me in progressing further!

Below is my last match in Bronze - a TvT where I endlessly harassed with drops; something which seemed to work a LOT better for me than going straight up Viking/Tank etc

A further question - how far do you think I can go?

I'm 21, a student, an ex-pro FPS player, and am dedicated.

Much love,