Tuesday, 9 November 2010

To Zerg or not to Zerg?

So recently I switched to Terran as I felt the race favoured my playstyle of constant harass; however, I feel like I'm not having as much fun playing with them, especially when I lose...

The thoughts running around my head are telling me I should switch back to Zerg - the beauty of seeing 100 zerglings rush into the enemy base, or 4 overlords carpet bombing the enemy with banelings is something that neither Protoss nor Terran will ever be able to achieve for me..

I have a US and an EU account, so perhaps I will play Terran on my US account (which today I finished placement and got into Gold!! [shows a massive improvement in my play :D]), and I might switch back to Zerg on my EU account... hmmmm...

If anyone wants to practice, although I'm in Silver on EU, I am definitely worthy of being higher; you can add me on Battle.Net:

Both my US and EU account have the same name and ID# which is.... :

SeGi - #192

Please feel free to add me, I could do with all the practice and guidance I can possibly receive in my eternal quest to one day compete in the top tournaments!

Think of me as the new European Hyungjoon ;)

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