Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The return & The promotion!

So the past 6 weeks has been soooo busy for me with my final year of University and applying for graduate careers meaning I haven't been able to concentrate fully on my SC'ing.

Nevertheless, I was determined to learn more about StarCraft and have done so simply through watching streamed pro play; GSL, MLG, Go4SC2 etc etc.

I also switched to Terran in the latest patch, largely due to my new found preference in controlling when the first attack will take place, and being able to harass in so many different ways.

So; my journey has been hotting up over the past 3 days; I've been able to play quite a lot and wait for.... have FINALLY been promoted out of Bronze :D

My request to whatever readers I have now - can you observe my replays and let me know how YOU think I'm doing?

This blog is as much about your interactivity as it is watching my progress through the ranks, and obviously any advice aids me in progressing further!

Below is my last match in Bronze - a TvT where I endlessly harassed with drops; something which seemed to work a LOT better for me than going straight up Viking/Tank etc


A further question - how far do you think I can go?

I'm 21, a student, an ex-pro FPS player, and am dedicated.

Much love,


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