Friday, 3 September 2010

Back for Business!

After an unfortunate amount of time being busy in real life (work etc) I am now back for a very hardcore weekend of a minimum 12 hours a day playing.

I'm currently stumped as to what race to play though - after a lot of watching replays / reading things on I quite like the look of Terran play... not because it might be "OP" or easy to play, but I like the idea of medivac drops and kiting with Marauders..

Anyhow, I just played my first game in like 4 days and wow am I rusty!! My hands are so slow!!

As before, if you'd like some low-level practice games with me I am available on EU @ CurZed.782 and now also available on the US servers @ Glow.263

Please, if you add me, leave your name & character code in the comments below!

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